And one of the items that I could think of is “creating engagement with your audience through social media.” I want to clarify that social media and social networking at two different entity, but they correlate to each other of course. Well before the hype of social media, there were chat rooms, remember Yahoo Chat?
I am sure that you already know. You've been on everyone's lips, mostly business owners. As a designer/developer who spent a lot of time talking with my clients, you are the center of my attention.  An ideal client like you is on everyone's blog posts. You are on e-books too and don't forget thousands of
I get it. You have more followers and connections on your social networking than getting more interactions on your website. And for that reason, you’d rather spend your time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. That is exactly the reason why I left my blog back in the day. I feel like my “blogging
One of our clients takes her coaching to online business, and she immediately got a client for a 6-coaching session in two days. We have recently launched a website for our client and during a couple of days after launching was like euphoria both for the site owner and me. She receives an email
What if after planning everything about your website, you relax, have a nap, go out with friends and of course working with your clients. And then here I am, presenting you the solution I created for you and all you need to do is tell your friends and clients that your brand new website is
I happened to play a game at  You see, they just made a $15 investment, and they went to make a mascot.  Now, of course, they need a name for their mascot, and because I love Kim Doyal so much,  I joined.  The exciting part is that I’ll get a prize if I
Blogging 101
Blogging, oh what a beautiful thing! Today, I thought I post another love letter. I call my post love letters because what I am doing right now, creating a new site for me and start to write the blog post again is like coming home where I started 12 years ago. Blogging. If you
.I just followed by an obsessed with learning and teaching Marketing, SEO…and so on and so forth on Twitter. He has this free lead generation on how to forget content. And he will teach you to write the best blog post headline that will help you engage visitors. For me, though, I’d rather forget

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